Top 10 Best eye care tips To Protect Your Eye Health in 2022

Top 10 Best eye care tips To Protect Your Eye Health in 2022

Weak eyesight is growing high among the masses. It is seen not only in elderly people but also among young people and children. It may be due to :

1)     Nutritional deficiency.

2)    Lifestyle disorder.

3)    Lack of sleep

4)   Smoking

Either people wear glasses for shortsightedness or due to long-sightedness. Even glaucoma and cataract are common eyesight diseases these days.

The problem of poor eyesight or eye health

can be improved with certain simple procedures.

There are 10 simple eye care tips that you can adopt in your daily life. These tips are highlighted below:

1)  Keep your hands away from your eyes

As we are using our hands for different activities, knowingly or unknowingly, we are coming in contact with different types of polluting agents in the air and water. Allowing hands to come in contact with eyes leads to different types of problems. Rubbing and touching do let any waste matter go into the eyes and make the eye infected. Be cautious about not letting your hands touch your eyes. If you have this habit then you should not let it continue.  

2)  Regular hands and eye cleansing

Wash your hands with soap or use sanitizer. You can clean your eyes with normal tap water. Waking up in the morning and washing your eyes with water is primary eye care. The more you wash with water, the better it will be for your eyesight. Any type of unclean matter or infectious germ will not accumulate in the eyes.

3)  Save your eyes from the Sun

Ultraviolet rays of the Sun raise the risk of macular degeneration, damage to the cornea, and cataract formation. You must use protective sunglasses, eyewear, lenses, caps, and hats. It is recommended to use an umbrella while going out in the sun. You can select Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Swim Goggles for swimming and your inner vision of water will definitely save you from the harmful rays of the Sun.

TYR Socket Rocket Goggles prove to be very effective eye care wear for all types of races.

It is recommended to maintain all types of eyewear in clean condition.

4)  Drinking a lot of water

Drinking sufficient water daily, at least 10 to 12 glasses a day will not only help in moisturizing your body but also stop letting your eyes become dry and weak.

5)  Do not smoke

Smoking will make your eyesight really very weak. It will act like a slow poison by destroying eye nerves and macula. It can raise the problem of the cataract. If you are a regular smoker then you must slowly and steadily give up this addiction. It is a complete threat to your eyes.  

6)  Select the right food for good eye health and have proper sleep

Eat green vegetables like broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, collard greens, cabbage, fish, and egg yolk. These eatables are rich in beta-carotene, Lutein, Omega-3, Lycopene, and Vitamins C, A, and E.

According to Ayurveda, you can take Triphala Kashaya or Triphala Churna for better eyesight and improvement of vision. For altering defective vision, one can easily consume 2 to 5 teaspoons of amla juice with warm water.

You can also take coriander along with honey for getting the experience improved vision. 

7)  Keeping Computer Monitor at a specific distance

You must keep the computer monitor at a distance of arm’s length and 20 degrees below your eye level.  For the comfort of your eyes, you must install compact fluorescent lights, halogens, and LED bulbs. Overall, LED lights are always best for complete eye care. It is because these lights do not emit UV rays. Otherwise, too much bright lighting in the room will make your vision stressful and weak.

8)  Applying the 20-20-20 method

With the 20-20-20 rule, you can experience relief from stress and strain rising in your eyes. You can easily look at something which is lying at a 20 feet distance in a time period of 20 seconds and that too every 20 minutes while working on the computer.

9)  Use suitable eye makeup

For proper eye makeup, you must be careful about selecting the right brands. Otherwise, eyeliners, mascara, and eye shadows can harm your eyes deeply. Neglecting the allergies rising due to eye makeup cosmetics can prove to be harmful in the later stage. It is recommended to select the Biotique brand for any kind of eye makeup. It is because it is made from rejuvenating herbs. There are no side effects.

There is also a need to remove the eye makeup with a proper makeup remover before you go to sleep. Otherwise, residue remains in the eyes and causes harmful reactions.  Make sure to wash it off with clean water. You must also maintain the eye brushes clean.

10)  Meet any eye specialist

You must take proper care of your eyes by going to any eye care clinic. After every 6 months, you must go to an eye doctor for an eye examination in any of the eye clinics

Apollo hospital offers the best eye treatment. You can take the support of any eye specialist doctor for testing vision. Depending on the condition of the vision, you will be given lenses and eyeglasses.

You will be given medication and attended to with specific surgery if needed. And that will depend on whether you are going through a problem with the cornea or suffering from cataracts.

The doctor would even prescribe you an eye drop for cleaning dirt and infection and improving vision.

Some Ayurvedic eye drop has proven to be effective in controlling glaucoma, cataract, poor vision, or any kind of condition in the eyes. Using ayurvedic eye care drops, you will not experience any side effects. It is quite safe to use. You will never suffer from infection or inflammatory issues in your eyes.  

 With the above-mentioned simple remedial measures, you can experience high-quality eye conditions, clear vision, and find the key to healthy life

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