Are you worried about catching any infection of std disease? Study essential measures of prevention of std disease

Are you worried about catching any infection of std disease? Study essential measures of prevention of std disease

Without any protective measure, it is quite dangerous to have sex. There can be chances of acquiring sexually transmitted infection which becomes a chronic disease. Remedies are there in the form of food items which actually come to us in our day to day diet. Inorder to enjoy healthy sex life and strengthen the immune system, proper diet chart and cleanliness needs to be followed.

Sexual health of a man includes not only maintaining rise in testosterone and preventing erectile dysfunction but also countering sexual infection which comes through the process of unprotected sex. Health hazard can be in form of any std disease when man is in the condition of practicing sex without any protection measures. This dangerous disease also ruin the reproductive tract of any woman who is in to sex without any protection. Once infected with any of the sexually transmitted diseases like Gonorrhea, syphilis and Chlamydia will let the person suffer a lot.

Seeking guidance from the health expert will let you choose certain food for sexual health which will suit your immune system too. These following food items will definitely ward off viruses and bacteria infecting the person with any std disease:

What is the best food for sexual strength

  1. Garlic : Garlic is known to have an antiinflammatory effect on the body. Ideally fits into the body if taken raw. It fights back the infection inside the body caused by virus or bacteria of any std disease.
  2. Ginger : It is also another antioxidant food which can be added in the form of spice in the food or eaten raw to ward off any std infection. Its impact on respiratory infection is very strong. It has the ability to lessen the effect of any harmful bacteria inside the body.
  3. Cinnamon : It is another form of food for sexual health and hygiene. It is known for controlling the growth of any cancer cell. Its antimicrobial property makes it suitable for treatment of the person suffering from any std infection.It is known to stimulate sexual energy of any person and help in reducing erectile dysfunction in men.
  4. Vitamin C: Spinach and lettuce are rich in Vitamin C which stop infection caused from sexually transmitted disease. These leafy items are also helping in reducing sexual dysfunction. It is because of the zinc present in them which is known to raise testosterone level in men.
  5. Vitamin D: Fish, eggs and exposure to sunlight are sources of Vitamin D. These foods will ward off any std infection and boost testosterone level in men and very suitable for sexual health of a woman.
  6. Vitamin E: It is antioxidant which helps in reducing sexually transmitted diseases. It is also known to boost sexual stamina and this particular vitamin is found in hazelnuts, almonds, broccoli and also spinach.
  7. Whole Grains: Barley, Bread, Whole Wheat and cereals retain the property of whole grains which is known to promote overall strength to the human body. It helps to wipe out any infection transmitted through sexual activity and boost sexual stamina too in men.
  8. Iron: Beans, broccoli and seafood items are rich in iron which is known to increase the flow of blood to sexual organs and cause erection easily. These iron content food items also help in purification of blood because of their antioxidant property. Regular intake of iron will lessen the chances of getting infected by any dangerous virus or bacteria that is caused by sexual contact.

Apart from food items as the remedial measures, one needs to take care of sexual hygiene. It is the habit of maintaining cleanliness before and after the sex. It is applicable for both men and women. Moreover, one should do sex using any protection tool. It will reduce the chance of infection of sexually transmitted diseases.

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