How can you improve your sexual performance ? 8 food for Men?s reproductive health.

How can you improve your sexual performance ? 8 food for Men?s reproductive health.

Kind of food the man eats, it affects the sex hormones of the man. He should focus on the nutritional value of the food that would help to increase sexual stamina and make up for the rest of the bodily requirements. Transformation of erectile dysfunction to rush of blood in to the sex organ for erection takes place with proper rest and physical activity. Any food item and addictive substance that harms the reproductive system of a man needs to be avoided.

Testosterone level is never high when the person is not having a proper balanced diet and adequate amount of sleep. With the growing age, man’s testosterone level goes down.As low testosterone level causes erectile dysfunction and build up performance anxiety in the bedroom, it is high time to make up for deficit of sex drive. He needs to follow certain do’s and don'ts in life especially after the age of 30 when testosterone level starts going down. Choosing the following best Food for Men’s reproductive health becomes essential that can help in resolving erection problems and boosting the immune system of the body:

  1. Spinach: This leafy vegetable works as a natural male enhancement supplement. Eating in a cooked form will benefit in increasing the flow of blood in the sex organ and increase the testosterone level.
  2. Coffee: One cup of coffee will help in regulating the sex hormones, brain signals, nerves, blood vessels and muscles for sex. It removes the deep rooted fatigueness thatcauses performance anxiety and keep the erection firm for sex.
  3. Banana: It helps in increasing the blood flow to sex organ and helps to increase the testosterone level. It makes up for the deficiency for potassium and iron.
  4. Watermelon:The nutritional value of WaterMelon is quite high in terms of enhancing the libido function of male. It contains Vitamin A, B6 and C, antioxidants and amino acids that help in increasing erection power of man.
  5. Hot Sauce : Hot sauce serves to boost the sex power of a man and removing unnecessary fat from the body.
  6. Pomegranate: Another sex boosting supplement which is also known to clear performance anxiety in the bed. Eating this fruit will favor the blood flow to the sex organ and recovery in erection dysfunction will show up.
  7. Nuts:It triggers the erection of the penis. Helps in movement of the sperm and circulation of the blood around the whole body.
  8. Salmon fish : Its lean meat is highly beneficial for the sexual health of the man. It is rich in Omega3 fatty acids which helps in releasing dopamine from the brain. Dopamine plays an important role in sending signals of sexual pleasure from the brain.

Apart from the above mentioned food items, adequate amount of sleep and compounds and multijoint movements of physical activity boost testosterone level.

There are certain don'ts in life which actually do not form the part of best food for Men’s reproductive health. These substances cause cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and also diabetes. These don’ts are highlighted as follows:

  • Alcohol : Addiction to Alcoholism weakens the brain and nerves governing sexual functions.
  • Refined sugar: Intake of sugar in refined form harms the man’s health after 30’s. It gives rise to high cholesterol level and blood sugar level. It affects sexual health in a negative way.
  • Dairy Products: Most of the dairy products are not good for sexual health. The cattle is provided with antibiotics and it affect the dairy products made from their milk and cause to weak our sex hormones.
  • Processed meat: In other words, canned meats or smoked meats makes a man unhealthy and weakens the ability to fertilize the egg of a woman.

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